Finding a Place to Stay

There are a number of choices available to you if you would like to stay on or near Salsibury Beach. If you stay in Salisbury you can easily get to Salisbury Beach and enjoy its local attractions or drive a few miles north to access the wider range of amenities that are available at Hampton Beach.

The following provides a list of the places you can stay in Salisbury. The options here are generally cheaper than what you can find in Hampton Beach but you can also check out the Hampton Beach Hotels.

Many Salisbury Beach hotels are older facilities that are mom and pop operations. There are also a few private campgrounds listed at the bottom of the page, in addition to the Salisbury Beach State Park campground. With the exception of one place that is clearly noted as being in Seabrook, NH all the all of the hotels listed here are located in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Addresses and phone numbers are included and, where available, a link to their website is provided.

Located on A1, leading into the Salisbury Beach area

Salsibury's Beach Grove Cabins

Beach Grove Cabins

Beach Grove Cabins
104 Beach Road

Beachway Motel
82 Beach Road

Hilton's Dunes Motel
162 Beach Road

Knotty Pine Motel
79 Beach Road
Swimming pool

Salisbury Inn Motel
141 Beach Road

Salisbury's Knotty Pine Motel


Close to or on the Beach

Shoreline Motel
41 Atlantic Ave.

Michael's Oceanfront Motel
40 Central Ave.
Close to beach.


Other Options

Salsibury Beach hotel

Hilton's Dunes Motel on A1 in Salisbury Beach

Striper's Inn
175 Bridge Road
Inn on the Harbor
Restaurant & Bar
along the Merrimac River

Holiday Inn Express
11 Rock Rd.,
Seabrook, NH

Private Campgrounds

These places are in addition to the state park campground.

Beach Rose RV Park
147 Beach Road

Black Bear Campground
54 Main St.
Salisbury, MA
Swimming Pool & Game Room

Pines Campground
Beach Road
Woodland Camping
Swimming Pool

Rusnik Campground
115 Lafayette Road


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